How to Get Paid to Search the Internet with Swag Bucks

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Looking to supplement your income from home? Researching the ways that you can make money on the internet? Read on, and find out how you can get paid to search the web, take offers and surveys and even watch videos online at Swag As well as providing a review of one of my favorite Get Paid To sites, I’ll also give you some tips and tricks as to how to maximize your earnings and make the most of what the site has to offer…

Get Paid to Search the Internet

The main selling point of Swag Bucks is getting paid to search the web using the Swag Bucks search engine. Every time you search for something, you have a chance to win ‘Swag Bucks’, the currency used on the site. This can be anywhere between 5 and 1000 Swag Bucks, and it’s easy to win several times a day. Using Swag Bucks as your search engine is surprisingly fun and addictive. Every so often they have limited edition Swag Bucks to collect, and you get bonus Swag Bucks if you collect them all.

It’s an excellent search engine too; I’ve never made a search where I failed to find what I wanted and most searches pull up results nearly identical to Google. All you need to do is use it like you’d use any other search engine, and wait for notification that you’ve won!

Get Paid to Take Surveys

I’m fully of the opinion that Swag Bucks is the best paid survey site on the net, despite the fact that it doesn’t advertise itself as a survey site. This is because your typical survey site will only occasionally give you surveys to fill out. Yougov might give you one a week, others you’ll be lucky to get one a month, but with Swag Bucks there is around 10-15 to take each day, either in the Trusted Surveys section or the Special Offers page.

Granted you wont qualify for all of them, but I usually qualify for 3 or 4, despite not being in a great demographic (student, not chief income earner). They don’t take long to complete either (ten minutes or so), and you’ll earn any where between 30-70 swag bucks for each (usually around 60), maybe more if its a specialist survey. This makes it the fastest way to build up your swag bucks.

Get Paid to Take Offers

Another way to make money on Swag Bucks is to participate in the offers. This can be anything from watching a video to playing a game on Facebook to signing up to sites like NetFlicks. The best thing about this is that you can earn thousands of swag bucks for free, no need for credit card details or spending money unless you want to. If you do spot something you would want to spend money on, that’s just a bonus (bonus swag bucks that is!). I recommend making yourself a separate email account just for the offers, as most will want to contact you afterwards.

Get Paid to Watch Videos

You can also earn extra Swag Bucks just by watching videos online. Videos from sponsors with net 2 Swag Bucks each, which might not sound like much, but given that they are short and you can watch them while you do other things, they quickly add up. The site features comedy clips, news stories, music videos and celebrity gossip, all of which are a ton of fun to watch and result in extra Swag Bucks for you!

Redeeming Your Swag Bucks

There are hundreds of items in the Swag Bucks store for you to redeem your Swag Bucks on. The very basic stuff includes cash to your Paypal account and Amazon E-Vouchers, but you can also spend them on game consoles and other electronics, kid’s toys, home appliances and jewelry. Of course, you can also donate some of your earnings to charity if you want.

If you are feeling lucky, you can even spend a small amount of Swag Bucks (3-50) to have a chance at winning hundreds or thousands of Swag Bucks. If this sounds like fun, I recommend going for the ones with limited entries and buying up a lot of the places – I’ve won tonnes of Amazon vouchers this way.

The value of Swag Bucks varies depending on what you want to spend them on, but as an idea, £5 to your paypal account is 1,049 SB, while a £5 Amazon Voucher is 829 SB. If you save up your Swag Bucks for the more expensive items, you’ll typically get a discount: a £100 to your Paypal account costs 17,999 SB, compared to the 20,980 SB you’d spend if you redeemed £100 worth of £5 payments.

Tips and Tricks

Here’s my advice on how to maximise your earnings.
  1. Change Your Homepage: Switch your homepage to Swag Bucks, that way you won’t forget to use Swag Bucks for your searches instead of Google.
  2. Download the Toolbar: I don’t normally recommend downloading things from these types of sites, but the Swag Bucks toolbar is well worth it. It’ll let you search the web using Swag Bucks at any time, as well as giving you quick links to every part of the Swag Bucks website. It’s quite pretty too (I find most toolbars are an eyesore on your browser…).
  3. Check Out the ‘My Daily Goal’ Tool: on the homepage you’ll find a little box entitled ‘My Daily Goal’. Every day Swag Bucks sets you a goal of how many swag bucks to achieve, and its always something ridiculously easy to attain, between 40-100 Swag Bucks. For every goal you achieve you get a tenth of that goal in bonus Swag Bucks (so if your goal was 80, you get 8 extra Swag Bucks).Not much right? Well here’s the selling point: if you achieve your goals 7 days in a row, you get an extra 25 Swag Bucks. If you achieve it 14 days in a row, you get 100 extra Swag Bucks. Manage to stick to it for a month? 300 extra Swag Bucks. This means even if you plan to be busy all day, its always worth logging into Swag Bucks and spending half an hour trying to reach each Daily Goal.
  4. Search for Your Favorite Sites: Instead of bookmarking your favorite sites, instead bookmark a Swag Bucks search for it. It’ll only take you an extra click to get to the site, and it’ll earn you more Swag Bucks along the way.
  5. Don’t Cheat: This should probably go without saying, but use the search engine like you normally would, don’t sit there typing in a, b, c or other searches specifically designed just to win Swag Bucks. The system can detect you doing this and it won’t earn you money any faster (and might get you banned).

How Do I Join?

I can’t stress how much I recommend Swag Bucks. It’s one of the easiest and most fun ways to supplement your income online. So how do you sign up? Just click this link to sign up to Swag Bucks and start earning right away!

Search & Win